Janetiken Ticket Collector For Walkon
Born 23.10.87

We were very grateful to get "Ticket" from Lily and Walter Potts, so named not because we were being presumptuous but, as Wally came all the way to Stranraer by train for the mating with Pop My Cork. Not a journey many people would consider doing these days but for a couple used to going to dog shows on a motorbike and sidecar it was a doddle!

The mating was indeed successful, while "Ticket" won 1RCC at the Merseyside Boxer Club Championship Show, under breed specialist Bill Malcolm, in November 1988 while just out of puppy, Lily and Wally's dog Janetiken Justin Time also won 2RCC's.


Ch Jenroy Pop My Cork To Walkon

Ch Tyegarth Glenmorangie Of Jenroy Ch Gremlin Summer Storm
Tyegarth Old Fashioned
Jenroy Whoopsie Daisy Ch Tyegarth Glenmorangie Of Jenroy
Jenroy Bumps A'Daisy

Georgette Of Janetiken

Ch Styenmere Night Rider Aust. Ch That's Right Of Panfield
Ch Kalendars Gold Mink Of Styenmere
Janetiken Laurette Lyndale Scarlet Major
Janetiken Donna Marie